Vietnam is particularly welcoming with regards to the affordability it has to offer with regards to renting apartments once someone has moved to start their life at this new place. Apartments can be searched much earlier if the person is moving along with the entire family so that they can locate a nice place to live at without having the trouble to search and ensure availability of resources and workplace near their place of living while keeping the budget in check.

One can find apartments from shared spaces costing between 200-350$ to serviced apartments that are furnished and provide some additional services such as cleaning services or studio apartments in a range of 400-600$. While families moving to Vietnam may prefer separate apartments that can range between 350$ to 1000$ depending on the area selected to live at and one can also consider finding a house where the rentals start from 800$.

The search for finding just the right place can equally be tricky especially in the bigger cities and may require an additional search for the person in advance before moving to the country to avoid the frustration associated with wrong choice for living made on a rushed basis. This article will evaluate particularly this issue that poses a challenge in finding the right apartment for the newcomers moving to Vietnam.

Following are some of the challenges for people moving to the country who often face trouble finding the right location to live at:

Language barrier

The national language of the people being Vietnamese can often pose trouble for the people migrating to this land for professional as well as personal reasons while at the same time the mother tongue of the land is not easy to learn. English is rather considered as secondary language in Vietnam and learning and using Vietnamese language can be quiet challenging for the people seeking to move here.

Often times it can lead to seriously frustrating situations where miscommunication can occur while a person is trying to communicate and gain information for the residence from local workers and tenants of the country.

This language barrier not only poses challenges in finding a place for living but may also affect the person’s ability to find the right job often causing many to end up with jobs for English teaching and yoga classes. Due to the miscommunication and misunderstanding in trying to communicate with the locals, one has to carry out extensive research to find out expats who can guide better.

One may also have to use social media services like Facebook to communicate and obtain information on the right kind of apartment they are looking for. Cho Thuê is a word that can often appear while one is on for their search for apartment and translates ‘for rent’ can be a good sign for locating a place to live at but the language barrier may still pose a problem which put a great deal of challenge in finding the right location to call home.

Furthermore, the local inhabitants out of courtesy prefer not to look at face while talking which can often add difficulty when one is trying to communicate and gain information for an apartment. Once a person is able to find suitable apartment to live at, the contract is sometimes presented in Vietnamese language which can also pose complication for those signing it and in such cases should prefer to ask for the contract in English language to avoid any illegalities or violation of the terms of contract

Immigration policies, work permit and resident card

The process that takes from managing immigration policies to obtaining work permit can be rather a difficult and frustrating thing. Further frustration is added as a result of an additional need for resident card which can process over time and can take much longer before one can obtain these.

This can often lead to challenging situations for people looking for residents as instructions and regulations are not publically available either. However, there are services available such as Vietnam assist that can help understand these regulations and policies to allow people to apply and gain work permit as well as resident cards that can further help them find the right locations for apartment while keeping their range of budget definite.

Finding the right apartment with the right resources

Another challenge that one may have to face while looking for their apartment is the availability of services such as cleaning services, laundry and resources around the place of residence. One major concern that anyone looking to find an apartment may face is of pollution that can create a negative impact of certain places to find apartment as the country has a dense population and pollution levels are equally high here. Further difficulty is added by misguiding real estate agents who may sign up one for a tourist visa rather than the work permit that is necessary for signing up for an apartment.

Matching the right dates from when the apartment was signed may also play a crucial role to avoid any illegalities. While looking for the apartments visiting the place may become necessary as furnished apartments may contain appliances that are non-working for which one can become liable to paying charges for if not reviewed beforehand. A safe neighborhood may also be time consuming to locate to ensure safety of movement without having to face untoward situation that may question their moving to the country.

How a relocation company can help you ?

One may end up finding an apartment to live at after thorough research but that does not supposed to mean that they would lose the opportunity to avail a better place to live at once they begin to understand the culture and norm of the Vietnamese society.

One can always move to a better location and wherever they go they can always find somewhat new experience to learn from. Therefore, keeping in view of the challenges one may try to sign contract for short term in case they are certain to find a better location to live at.

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