“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy”. The statement holds true for this country that gained its freedom in 1945 but soon underwent a communist control with the great Vietnam War in 1975.

Vietnam is the South East Asian country and the most eastern country on the Indochinese peninsula. The country is estimated to have a population of 97.8 million inhabitants by 2020 and is ranked 16th with regards to population. The city capital is Hanoi while the most populous city is Ho Chi Minh. Despite their past history of having faced a war and changes that ensued afterwards, the country has constantly strived to improve its resources and has become a site of attraction not just for the tourists and travelers but also has become an attraction for people to move here and enjoy the cultural change associated which may be welcoming on one hand and may bring challenges of certain sort on the other hand.

The people of the country are very welcoming and one can enjoy the hospitality as soon as they land in the beautiful country while the signs of past war and some level of devastation may be visible in certain parts of the country. Yet the place has some good things to offer as well which a traveller or one who want to relocate to a place that offers considerable affordability will find this country just the right place to travel to. Here are 10 tips about relocating to Vietnam :

Climatic variation

Vietnam is situated between the Gulf of Tonkin and the Gulf of Thailand in South East Asia and stretches to meet china in north and Cambodia in south. The topographic location may find the one moving here to experience strong climatic variation which is normally hot weather almost the entire year. In the north one can find monsoon season in between the dry weather as well.

Most of the year the temperature is maintained between 90-100 Fahrenheit and can be extremely hot in certain parts of the country while the Mekong delta is moreover famous for its typhoons that can often lead to damaging floods in the region. Therefore, for the one moving to the country must take into consideration of the weather and where could they find the best location in the country with less climatic variation and better availability for resources.

Working in Vietnam

If one needs to start a job in this beautiful country then they must bring all documents and requirements along to start their new career. The country offers job in various sectors and requires at least a minimum of bachelor’s degree to begin the job. Work permit are easy to obtain and English teaching jobs are easily available due to their vacancy available almost always.

The country also gives a good opportunity for the one moving here to start their own business as the place is relatively cheaper compared to the western societies and can provide wide range of resources at affordable rates. Some professional vacancies which one can easily locate are yoga teaching as well as opportunity of creating and investing in business for food, clothing or opening of mini restaurants or bars

Living cost

One can do a good some of research on this one as for anyone would like to carry out when they relocate themselves at a relatively newer place. So is the case with Vietnam as well. One must keep into consideration their expected expense when they consider moving to this country. Cost of living are often affordable and one can find apartments for living for prices as low as 250$ a month whereas if one decides to live at a nicer and more neighbour friendly location then they can find better apartments at a price of 1000$ as well.

Most of the apartments are well furnished so one may not require taking a lot of stuff along with them while moving here while the bills including data network, transportation and electricity are relatively cheaper compared to the international brands.

Street food of Vietnam

Vietnam provides one of the best opportunities to enjoy the street food that can activate the taste buds for trying out the different traditional to street style and modern food that the country has to offer. The food can also be food to be cheap to the extent that one may have to spend just 20$ a week on food and grocery and can give one an insight to the culture of Vietnam.

Mode of conveyance

One may find daunting to see motorbikes all around once they land the country but they are still one of the most common modes of conveyance till to date in the country. One may have to become comfortable seeing the bikes around as the time passes once they have decided to live and embrace the cultural integrity of the region and may even found the vehicle ride exciting once one gets used to living in the area.

Availability of schools

For the entire families that may decide to move to the country can search for the international schools way before they decide to choose a place to live at while most of the international schools can be located in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang. One can also ensure the standards are maintained by visiting different schools and then select the most suitable one with respect to teaching standards as well as costs.

Expat community

Vietnam has a large community of expats who normally consider residing in the bigger cities of the country. Most of the community expats are English teachers or some foreigners who have married the locals and started their own businesses in various parts. Furthermore, the nature of people here is friendly which may not cause much trouble for the one deciding to move here and make new friends who can guide them for better.

Political stability

The country has a densely packed population where they still face some economic challenges as it still belongs to the category of 3rd world countries. Despite the past experience that the country had to suffer at the hand of communists, the country has now re-established as a socialist republic and maintains a moderate level of political stability

Availability of services

The place offers almost the availability of everything but despite this not everything will always fall into place once someone has moved here and may require time to adjust to the availability as well as deficiency of resources. One can expect a loss of electricity supply as well as air conditioning especially in extremely hot weathers as well as a loss of Wi-Fi connection which may become frustrating at times and may require one to adopt and adjust overtime.


The country is still struggling to improve its economy and services that may improve overtime. While poverty is widespread in the region and street garbage can be seen almost on every other street. One may have to adjust and live with such conditions as it may take time of several years before the country can gather enough resources to eradicate poverty and progress as one of the developing countries of the world.

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